Health Dangers of Fracking Revealed in Johns Hopkins Study (08/25/2016)

Colorado's battle over regulating fracking shifts to ballot (AP, 05/03/2016)

Colorado Supreme Court rules state law trumps local bans on fracking (Denver Post, 05/02/2016)

Colorado Court Strikes Down Local Bans on Fracking (The New York Times, 05/02/2016)

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Against Cities' Fracking Limits (CPR, 05/02/2016)

High court strikes down Fort Collins' halt to fracking (Coloradoan, 05/02/2016)

Colorado High Court Rules Local Bans on Fracking Are Illegal (The Wall Street Journal, 05/02/2016)

Colorado's fracking wars: 'It's not over yet' (Denver Business Journal, 05/02/2016)

Hickenlooper: Oil & gas legislative battles may have to continue (Denver Business Journal, 04/29/2016)

Colo. Supreme Court to rule in Longmont fracking case Monday (Denver Post, 04/29/2016)

Colorado House Defeats Local Control Fracking Bill (CBS Denver, 04/04/2016)

Greeley Fight Over Drilling Could Spill To November's Ballots (CPR, 03/09/2016)

Oil & Gas Local Control Decisions Are Still A Struggle, Even In Greeley (KUNC, 03/09/2016)

Greeley City Council reverses planning commission's oil and gas denial verdict (Denver Post, 03/08/2016)

Thornton homeowners fighting against new oil and gas drilling sites (7News, 03/05/2016)

Lawmaker seeks to make oil and gas companies liable for mistakes (Fox31, 03/05/2016)

Colorado lobbying law offers murky picture of influence on politics (Denver Post, 02/28/2016)

Energy grievances raise suspicions in Colorado (Durango Herald, 02/25/16)

Oil and gas job losses continue to hit Colorado companies (Denver Business Journal, 02/25/16)

Colorado activists set their sights on a ballot measure to limit drilling. Previous attempts have been blocked and current regulations disappoint (The Journal, 02/23/2016)

Controlling methane emissions (Denver Post, 02/20/2016)

Abandoned oil facilities not monitored in state, can be difficult to find (Daily Sentinel, 02/23/16)

Colorado activists set their sights on a ballot measure to limit drilling (High Country News, 02/22/16)

BLM hosts meeting on oil and gas regulations (The Journal, 02/22/16)

Denver's Craig Energy files for Chapter 11 (Denver Post, 02/22/16)

Research shows wells may be leaking methane (Greeley Tribune, 02/20/16)

Controlling methane emissions (Denver Post, 02/20/16)

Oil and gas leases, mineral rights cover 64 percent of Adams County (Denver Post, 02/18/16)

New maps show where oil and gas activity might occur in Adams County (Denver Business Journal, 02/18/16)

New website maps fracking in Adams County (Colorado Independent, 02/18/16)

Greeley Planning Commission denies planned west Greeley oil, gas wells (Greeley Tribune, 01/05/15)

Gas Leak Fuels Frustration (Wall Street Journal, 12/20/15)

Anxious California Residents Weigh Legal Options Amid Gas Leak (NBC News, 12/19/15)

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