Proposed plans by Extraction Oil and Gas in Broomfield create controversy (Fox31, 02/20/2017)

Adams County residents sound off on more proposed oil and gas wells (Denver Post, 01/19/2017)

Forced pooling is not mandatory swim practice (Colorado Independent, 12/01/2016)

Greeley neighbors sue state, saying oil-gas rules weren’t enforced (Greeley Tribune, 11/18/2016)

Tanker truck filled with crude oil overturns near Brighton (7 News, 11/17/2016)

Adams County changes rules for oil and gas drilling (Denver Post, 03/22/2016)

Greeley Fight Over Drilling Could Spill To November's Ballots (CPR, 03/09/2016)

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Oil and gas leases, mineral rights cover 64 percent of Adams County (Denver Post, 02/18/16)

Adams County enacts six-week ban on new drilling while it draws up regulations (Denver Post, 02/10/16)

Jaffe: Is peace at hand over oil and gas drilling in Colorado? (Denver Post, 02/06/16)

Adams County commissioners not in favor of drilling moratorium (Denver Post, 01/27/15)

COGCC finishes oil, gas rulemaking, but threat of ballot measure looms (Denver Post, 01/25/16)

Colorado oil, gas rule-making hearings hang up on giving all a voice (Denver Post, 11/24/15)

Colorado's Local Governments Can't Zone Out Oil And Gas. Here’s Why (KUNC, 11/17/15)

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission hearing testimony regarding new rules (Greeley Tribune, 11/16/15)

Cynicism confirmed - New COGCC draft regulations fail to meet expectations (Boulder Weekly, 11/05/15)

Bad Gas: Suburban drilling in Thornton (Meadowlark Herald, 11/15)

Homeowners disappointed by proposed oil and gas rules (Westminster Window, 10/13/15)

Anti-fracking activists converge in Denver for meetings, protests (Denver Post, 10/05/15)

Adams County residents dread fracking project, look to state rule-makers for relief (Colorado Statesman, 10/12/15)

Proposed drilling draws fire from crowd (Westminster Window, 09/22/15)

Loud outcry in Adams County over oil, gas site (Denver Post, 09/16/15)

Large crowd attends meeting to discuss plans to drill for oil near neighborhood (Fox 31, 09/16/15)

Residents form action group as oil drilling moves into their backyards (Fox 31, 09/16/15)

Proyecto industrial en área residencial de Thornton (Univision, 09/16/15)

Adams County neighbors gather to oppose oil and gas drilling facility set for their neighborhood (7 News, 09/08/15)

Adams County neighbors: Too many wells, too close to homes (Denver Post, 08/12/15)


ACCDAN's News Releases

Short YouTube video to be used by media (for the full video, check the home page)

Community Members to Join Forces in Assembly to Deliver Message “Not in Anyone’s Backyard!” (11/12/15)

ACCDAN Blasts COGCC Draft Rules as Non-Protective of Colorado Neighborhoods (10/08/15)

ACCDAN Issues Vision for Rules on Large Scale Oil and Gas Facility Siting (10/01/15)

Residents Outnumber Synergy Nearly 200 to 1 on Proposed Multi-Well Site (09/16/15)

More than 300 turn out to voice concern regarding Synergy proposed site (09/08/15)