Why My Neighborhood is a Bad Site for an Oil and Gas Facility

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I just purchased my first home in Hunters Glen with my wife and 3 children in August. Hunters Glen is a long established community with generations of families.
1. Potential Health Risks to my family. The kids go to Stargate, which is relocating to 144th and Washington (construction underway) within a half mile of the proposed site. Horizontal Drilling under my home where my children sleep at night.
2. Negative Impact on Property Value. The largest investment of my life.
James Sloan, Hunters Glen

This is a residential area. How can anyone contemplate installing an industrial facility in its midst? The purposes are incompatible from countless angles. The proposed development will endanger the health, safety and environment of people and animals living in the area.
Jomaa Ben Hassine, Hunters Glen

Quiet, residential neighborhood-dirt roads, no street lights
Family atmosphere - children, animals
Residential water wells
Cheryl Miller, Wadley Farms


1. Noise and vibration stress from trucks and processing.
2. Added Danger for roads for neighborhood residents
3. Possible water contamination from human error with drilling procedures
Di Propst, Wadley Farms

Roads cannot handle the truck traffic.
Concerned about causing problems with water.
Noise and pollution
Colleen Aguirre, Wadley Farms

1. The oil well pad is too close to homes & schools . This prevents the kids from playing in a safe environment & inhibits the function of our school buses.
2. Not only will the wells affect our property values, but the wells would be a red flag for any potential buyers in the future. Wadley Farms is country living NOT industrial living, that is why we live here!!
3. The traffic on Franklin St. would be continuous destroying the road conditions,
& causing dangerous situations for our children & livestock.
Georgia & Jeff Chigro, Wadley Farms

We are a residential community not commercial property, this does not belong here in a quiet neighbor with the unclean air, truck traffic, and well noise. Why is ok for us, when it is not ok for schools we have children here also.
It will damage our property valves now and in the future
The looks of this in our subdivision would be horrible. human error will leave spoils and ground contamination
Bob Olivier, Wadley Farms

1. Light,noise and air pollution, as well as significant truck traffic with children, families, and pets within 500 ft of site.
2. Depreciation of home values with studies showing up to 50%.
3. Fire hazard - response is 20 minutes away.
Jeanine Fetter, Wadley Farms

Large scale drilling facility does not belong in a residential neighborhood. There is not enough long term research on the safety of wells near homes and schools to declare this is safe for air and water quality. If fact, what I have read is that drilling sites increased respiratory illness and immune systems affected. So much drilling is happening along the Front Range, there is no research on the affect of this on earth stability - some places in US are experiencing earthquakes, which we fear will affect our well water. There are no water lines in Wadley Farms which would be needed to help in time of accidents. Homes are too close to well site.
Dona Olivier, Wadley Farms

We moved to Wadley Farms to enjoy the benefits of country life close to the city. We want to maintain the safety and integrity of the peaceful, family-friendly outdoor life that we take advantage of all year round. Constant truck traffic, emissions, noise, the threat of spills and damage to our water source severely jeopardize the lifestyle that we and so many of our friends and neighbors appreciate about Wadley Farms.
Please find a more appropriate site.
Cheryl Tadlock, Wadley Farms

Potential risk to children in the neighborhood and local schools due to possible sexual offenders and/or other criminals employed by the various companies involved with the drilling, construction and trucking with the proposed oil site location.
Potential increase in crime and vandalism in the neighborhood due to the enormous influx of people in and out of the neighborhood by the various companies involved with the drilling, construction and trucking with the proposed oil site location plus the lure to those individuals that come to steal from the site.
Potential risk of injury and/or death to livestock/horses due to the 24/7 light and noise caused by the various companies involved with the drilling, construction and trucking with the proposed oil site location. (ie. stress colic, constant running to get away from a perceived threat)
Beth Schuetz, Wadley Farms

Health - studies have shown it is bad for the people leaving near the site (pollution, noise, etc.)
Asset reduction - out largest asset is our house/property. This reduce the value as no one wants to live near a large scale oil and gas facility
Quality of Life - the number of trucks that will be traveling the neighborhood will make it hazardous for horse back riding, walking, running, etc.
Marcie Cootware, Wadley Farms

-Less than 500 feet away is a property/home with 10 family members, 4 of which have special needs with limited mobility.
-The proposed facility will turn a residential community into an oil and gas industrial complex, disrupting day to day living conditions and creating industrial related environmental, safety, health and financial impacts for the families living in the community.
-Extensive negative financial impacts will occur to hundreds of residents if Synergy is allowed to proceed with putting a large scale oil and gas facility in WF. Using conservative estimates from national studies, the WF subdivision could see a loss in property value on the scale of 7-8 million dollars. Hunters Glen could expect a similar loss in the range of 6 million dollars. These are enormous value losses for homeowners, especially retirees. Additionally, local services funded through property taxes will suffer.
Marek Jarosinski, Wadley Farms

My Wife & I have lived in Cherrywood Park, very close to where the proposed drilling site wants to be. We are greatly opposed to it because of the noise, potential water contamination, safety for all the school children , and for the depreciation of all surrounding real estate values!
John Johnston, Cherrywood Park

We are a neighborhood, not an industrial site. Nothing neighborly about gas and oil wanting to installing an industrial scale drilling site right in the middle of our and any other neighborhood in Adams County.
Terry Plowman, Wadley Farms

And while I agree and reiterate the comments added by others; I add that in the age of ?TERRORISM? Synergy is not protecting its oil facilities. From what I see; a terrorist could easily fire a bullet or any other destructive projectile at the oil tanks. What will that do to our homes and communities?
William and Erika Martinez, Hunters Glen, Tiburon

With a quick Google search, you can find several sites that indicate that the COGCC doesn't have nearly enough inspectors to conduct meaningful inspections on all the Colorado wells, or articles and studies from CU Denver and DU that discuss things like major omissions in permit applications, and the permits are issued anyway. How are we supposed to feel confident that the chemicals from fracking water won't make their way into very nearby Big Dry Creek, which flows through Thorn Creek Golf Course and the open space along bike trails where our neighborhood kids go sledding and bike riding? Heavy industry does not belong next to neighborhoods and schools, it's just common sense.
Anastasia McCune, Rolling Hills

We do not need the air - noise - traffic pollution.
Long term effects on the neighborhood
Who wants to bike or walk by something that looks and smells like an armpit.
Robert Cooper, Hunters Glen

1. Fire hazard
2. Health hazard
3. Cause for damage to homes
4. Reduction in property values, water and air pollution,
The long term effects of drilling around where people live is arguably bad!! Why should they be close to kids and families? Why can't they be away from them - miles away.
Prasad Subramanian, Hunters Glen

1. Lowering of property values
2. high number of heavy trucks required causing issues for local traffic and road conditions.
3. the high possibility of pollution of air and water in the immediate area.
I believe these are industrial activities and should not be established in ANY existing neighborhood.
Chris Petroff, Quail Valley

I agree with the 20 reasons stated that this is not where an industrial site should be put in a quiet residential neighborhood.
Our home backs up to the proposed site & the 500 foot limit runs into our backyard which is unacceptable.
The traffic from this facility would be horrendous along with all the noise & lights from drilling & fracking.
Donna Thayer, Wadley Farms

Not enough city resources to fight an explosion which is a very real risk. Synergy Resources fail the majority of their inspections but ensure they care about our community and will adhere to state regulations. If they cannot care about the small things how can they care about the big ones? Because they say so? What a lie. Oil and gas has bought their way into our politics and now our life. Shame on all of you who turn a blind eye. We have told you the risks and WE WILL HOLD EVERYONE OF YOU ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!
Jeanette Pidanick, Fallbrook Farms

1. Air pollution from fracking is well documented and is contributing to ozone production, known to contribute to asthma and heart complications, especially in children and elderly.
2. Studies show that health risks within 5 miles of wells include: birth defects, premature births, low birth weight babies, increased hospitalizations, neurological and cardiac complications.
3. Physicians are predicting that the cancers from exposure to VOC's will cause an explosion of cancers after the latency period for cancer growth.
Karen Dike, Longmont

Residential/Not Commercial - I bought my home with the expectation of living in a neighborhood and providing a safe environment for my children to live and go to school.
Property Values - My home is a huge portion of my investment portfolio, and the placement of oil and gas facilities in my neighborhood will negatively impact the property value of my home.
Impact to Traffic Pattern - Placement of oil and gas facilities in my neighborhood will increase traffic and result in the invasion of commercial vehicles where children live and play.
Stephanie Boyett, FallBrook Farms

1. Air quality, noise, dust, and water contamination are serious health problems for the surrounding neighborhoods.
2. We all have water wells, and septic systems.
3. It is a fact we will lose 50% of our home and property values.
Pam Bond-simmons, Wadley Farms

Devalues Real Estate.
Disrupts community with trucks & noise, especially with school and children living in area.
Wadley Farms was here first......Huge oil/gas sites should never be allowed to disrupt family living in the name of greed!
Janet Thurman-Ginther, Huntes Glen, The Cottages

Children's health is sacrificed for profit, and there is no way one can make a case that fracking is safe. NO WAY! There are hundreds of studies demonstrating a correlation between health issues and fracking particularly for the unborn, young and elderly. Serious health affects associated with fracking can be latent like those of radio activity.
Six to seven per cent of well casings fail outright or suffer from structural problems according to operator records thus poisoning the underlying water. See "The Real Cost of Fracking," by Bamberger and Oswald, Forward. Forty or more per cent of casings fail after thirty years.
Property values have already decreased in the Wadley area. Synergy, a private company, has NO RIGHT to deprive anyone of their property, land value, according to the fifth amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
Richard Bluhm, Rocky Top middle school

Industrial oil sites are dangerous & have the potential for accidents.
A large scale oil facility in the middle of a neighborhood greatly decreases property values.
A large scale oil facility greatly affects the quality of life for the residents in the neighborhood.
Dave Eatherton, Wadley Farms

1 - I do not trust that this will not negatively impact the water table in our neighborhood.
2 - I do not want the value of my home to be negatively affected by a neighboring Oil and Gas Fracking site and the negative perception associated with health effects, traffic and view of the site.
3 - There should be an abundance of other locations that are not within neighborhoods where they can focus their fracking efforts. Neighborhoods should be pursued only as a last result. There have got to be other locations that are just as good but won't affect the atmosphere and value of our homes.
Chris Newman, Hunters Glen

1. I work nights and the noise would keep me up day and night.
2. No large companies have their businesses in residential areas. They don't belong there.
3. The increased traffic and noise make my peaceful home less desirable and bring property values down.
Tiffany Boyd, Cherrywood Park

WOULD YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN RIDING THEIR HORSES DURING AN EXPLOSION? Properties are zoned for livestock. People will get hurt handling traumatized animals. We have eagles, hawks, herons, ducks... which will be distressed or displaced.
Stacey Cohen, Wadley Farms

This is a family neighborhood with small children and hard working familes! Not only will the greed to make money with this project have an impact on our health and the wellbeing of our small children. YOU will take away the value WE have invested in OUR homes . What gives you the right to do that? Take your fracking to an open space far from people and focus on not ruining lives while lining your pockets. You're not welcome here!
Trish Rilling, Hunters Glen