• green lines: planned, permitted
  • light blue and orange lines: pending
  • purple lines: actual

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Township Range: 1S68W and 1S67W

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In loving memory of Jerry Nelson - Jerry Nelson, our beloved friend and neighbor, passed away on Sunday, February 25, 2018. Services for Jerry will be Tuesday, March 6, at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver at 2:30 p.m. at Staging Area B followed by a gathering at the Nelson house, 13850 Franklin Street, Brighton, CO 80602. Jerry was 65 when he died. He served his country in the US Army from 1969 to 1972. He is survived by his loving wife Rhonda Over their lives, Jerry and Rhonda had five biological children and adopted 11 children, the majority with special needs. Born in Eugene, Oregon, Jerry has been an Adams County resident for 10 years purchasing their home in Wadley Farms in 2008. Jerry was a founding member of Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now (ACCDAN) and served on the board from August 2015 until his passing. He passionately served his family, his neighborhood and his community in efforts to keep large-scale oil and gas development away from his daughter's bedroom, his home and the homes of his neighbors. Recently, together with a neighbor, Jerry and Rhonda purchased the 35 acre lot in the middle of Wadley Farms from an oil and gas company, helping to ensure that the lot will be used only for residential and agricultural uses consistent with the character of Wadley Farms. This together with his children will be a part of Jerry's enduring legacy. This was a major victory for Jerry, his family and the Wadley Farms neighborhood. Jerry was a passionate and kind soul who served his family, country and the community with love and devotion. He will continue to be a light to all of us. He is dearly loved and will be missed.


News (February 2018):

Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now (ACCDAN) fully supports the ballot initiative effort proposed by Colorado Rising. Large scale oil and gas operations do not belong in our neighborhoods or near our schools.

About ACCDAN: Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability NOW (ACCDAN) is a Colorado non-profit organization whose mission is to provide community education, public information and increased awareness regarding the potential impact of large scale oil and gas development on neighborhoods in Adams County. Example of education initiatives will include increased setbacks, greater safety, health, environmental, water quality and quality of life protections; while still allowing for responsible extraction of oil and gas." Our current focus is on the multiple large-scale oil and gas developments being permitted in Adams County. ACCDAN has applied for a federal non-profit status as a (501(c)(3) educational organization in July 2016.  


Map of pending and permitted large wellpads in Northwest Adams County (as of November 2017)


Why is your neighborhood a bad site for a large oil and gas facility. Read the comments we've received.

20 reasons why Wadley Farm is a bad site for a large oil and gas facility

Read our Vision for Rules on Large Oil and Gas Facility Siting

About the Wadley Farms site

In 2015, Synergy Resources Corporation was planning an industrial size oil and gas drilling facility in the middle of Wadley Farms,  a quiet neighborhood located in the middle of the fast growing, highly populated North Thornton suburbs between 136th Ave and 144th Ave and Washington and York.

As of August 2016, Synergy has also sold multiple  holdings including the Ivey and Wadley sites and associated horizontal drilling mineral rights to Ward Petroleum Corporation (Ward). This sale also included the land for the 35 acre site located in Wadley Farms. Ward has a signed Memorandum of Understanding for drilling in Adams County. Ward has a partnership with Trilantic Capital Partners. Ward is an Oklahoma company with offices in Fort Collins, CO. ACCDAN is assessing the potential impacts of these ownership changes.

The proposed multi well pad site may contain up to  20 wells and as many as 50 large storage tanks along with other industrial equipment. The site would be approximatively 500 feet away from several homes in Wadley Farms. About 30 homes would be within 1000 feet of the wells. All the other homes in Wadley Farms, the Adams 12 Rocky Top Middle school, the Northern Lights Ball Fields and more than 150 homes from the adjacent neighborhoods of Cherrywood Park and Hunters Glen would be within a half mile radius.

These neighborhoods could be facing increased health, safety, traffic and noise issues in the near future.

This site is not suitable for such a big industrial operation and other locations should be considered.